Why Change Now


Artist Statement:

Many of my works are about Beauty and entering Black Womanhood and all that comes with it. I consider myself a creator rather than an artist. My works are about being outcasted, being unwanted, and undesired but still finding yourself of worth. I try to decontextualize the idea of beauty, and femininity. Why Change Now is a photo series about consciously making decisions on how we want the world to view us. We may just rush out the door but in between that time there is an excitement for bracing the world. A week prior to this project I felt unwanted and undesirable not based on beauty, or any of the things that comes with appearance. I was unemployed, broke, I had applied to nearly a hundred internships and I did not hear back. I even thought about how I never received any flowers which were an indication of love, or that someone whom you cared for took interest in you as a person. The internet certainly did not help make me feel any better, but I realized that there is this performance we put on every single day. The performance of dressing, the performance of selfies, and images. Whether we are conscience of it or not. I thought about my own process of getting ready. My only pair of makeup (red-lipstick) covers my lips, I put on my favorite dress, to only sit on a couch with flowers that I bought for myself. To be alone which was never intended but it was the result.


Zainab Floyd