Artist Statement:

Below you can find a little paragraph of my experience working on this project entitled, "SOUL" along with Angelina ( @apaps ) and Bree ( @exquisite_eye ). ( The entire project documents my experiences through traveling from Virginia two years ago, to traveling around Europe for the first time for around two weeks, to moving to New York City for my first year of University, to Studying abroad in Italy and getting kicked out of a BFA program for going abroad "too" early, to traveling to Morocco, attending Milan fashion week SS17, to moving back to New York, adopting a new philosophy of life by living with a group of Italians, traveling back to work in Milan fashion week, and then making the defining decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Acting with film this past August while traveling back from Milan. )

"This video/photo series is dedicated to and explores the sense of vulnerability that ones faces as they transgress through different environments and spaces as well as highlighting the impact of these environments upon the individual. Every environment we seemingly place ourselves within has a new found aroma of living in a way completely foreign. Due to the immediacy of acclimation and adaptation that one may endure in an attempt to survive and grow, the intuition within ourselves begins to prosper, become tested as we re-build ourselves up, and as we seek to survive. As I began to travel I lost so many of the people closest to me and that gave way to the largest portion of my life dedicated to isolation, but without those moments alone I wouldn't have figured out what was most precious to me and what needed to accomplish solely for myself and not the satisfaction of others around me. This series lightly touches upon movement and the freedom of movement in a particular spaces such as Joshua Tree, CA (where we filmed and shot). As I began to travel and adopt a philosophy from many of my teachers, guides, and friends, I began to understand that we are here to discover and to expand every inch of our essence. To do that very thing, Is the practice of life, the practice of self-forgiveness, and self-love. We must do that unapologetically. "


Quintessa Swindell