Lessons I've Learned


Notes on moving slow:
Breathing slow and easy is good for the heart and soul; adrenaline is great for overcoming fear, but it does no good when wisdom needs to be used.

Notes on imperfection:
I've analyzed and realized my problems and issues. One-eyed peering and magnifying glass viewing, yet there are some stones that still need turning. Take note: Change is and will always be constant. We always have room for improvement because there's no such thing as a perfect person.

Notes on obsession:
Like neck bones and collard greens
Bean pie and baked Mac and cheese
Like good vegan recipes
You were soul food to me
But too much of a good thing can be deadly
And the more of you I had the less of me
Over consuming you I had less room for me
Sweet dessert after a full feast…
And that was my taste of gluttony.

Notes on confidence:
Seeing is believing is a cliché. Have you ever tried seeing without believing? It doesn't work that way. But how about believing without seeing? I bet you'll seem crazy, then. But believing is seeing something that has yet to happen. And yet as in, it will because a vision is a vision. Confidence is believing without seeing something now but knowing it'll come. And you can do anything you envision under the sun.

Notes on saying no:
Get a backbone and say it with your chest. No one but you would know what's best for you. It's your choice, don't let anyone steal that. Demand respect and hold everyone to a standard. Be confident in your “no.” Be firm in your “no.” Be brave and bold in respecting your space and energy. Selfishness is okay.

Notes on what love is:
An “I love you” that dances off the tongue with grace and poise; carefully calculated and elegant, and shared with care. Sweet affection through admiration and appreciation, more than just physical touch. It's in words of encouragement and reminders not to give up. It's in reminders that mistakes and imperfections make us whole works of art; even broken things can be put together, cracks sealed with gold. It's in a feeling, a vibe, shared and not told. Vulnerability is no longer a burdensome discomfort and honesty comes as easy as breathing. It’s believing in more than what we know; the only way to grow and go...

jazz bustamante