I Gave Myself Space To Go Back...Pt. II


It is a slowed moment where our past, present, and future self are on this earthly plane, at the same time, and are attempting to communicate, sync, and traverse space/time by utilizing light, reflection, sound, and the earth's own power. 

Along with drawn scrolls of ritual instructions and a sound piece that records the vibrations that this ritual creates, this piece is meant to elaborate on a particular belief I have, which is: Our past, present, and future selves...our kinfolks' past, present, and future selves all exist on this earthly plain at the same moment. 

And, in this way, when we attempt heal or better understand ourselves or them -- in this realm -- we heal and better understand those who have gone, those who are still here, and our future selves. 

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and collaborator, currently living in the still black and beautiful, Oakland, CA