"Blackbird is my love letter to people of color. In the song, Nina Simone cries to us " why you wanna fly? You aint never gonna fly." Relistening to these words I was flooded with the brutal images of the men and women that continue to be slain everyday. It's scary to know that things in 2016 are mirroring the atrocities of what our parents and grandparents and ancestors lived through.

Being black today is a million times wonderful, but a great percent of our world we live in doesn't share that belief. Society wants to tell us that we won't fly, and that we are only good enough for beauty trends, style, or entertainment. This film is my attempt to attack the notion that I can't fly. Because I believe that we all can.

My name is Nia Imani and I am a 26 year old Filmmaker/painter located in L.A.